stronger than ever, together

Lately, it is hard to watch the news. From hurricanes to wildfires, the tragedies in Houston, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and California have rocked the nation to its core. So many have lost homes, careers, lifestyles and even loved ones. Despite the national trauma of these natural disasters, more people than ever are coming to each other’s aid, literally banding together hand-in-hand to save neighbors caught in rising flood waters, lining up for miles along the highway with boats in tow to rescue families stranded on rooftops, and organizing pop-up camper communities for those who lost homes to wildfire. The stories of these every-day heroes are countless. In this spirit of commitment to our community, Ascendant Cares has collaborated with GPB Cares to donate over $60,000 in flood relief to our closest neighbors in Houston.

Hurricane Harvey left fifty-five of GPB Capital’s Houston-based employees without homes or overwhelmed by property damage. When the CEO of GPB Capital David Gentile visited Houston shortly after the floodwaters receded, he was amazed at the sheer scale of destruction and debris the storm left in its wake. We immediately mobilized to provide financial aid to those struggling with loss and displacement. Together, we created GBP Cares, a company-wide fund that Dave and I seeded with substantial contributions, and that continues to grow as GPB Capital employees donate thousands of dollars to their colleagues in need. In a letter to the company introducing GPB Cares, Dave Gentile outlines the mission of the fund and reminds us of our obligation to each other in these trying times:

“While our individual locations may be geographically diverse, we are not strangers to one another. At GPB Capital and Ascendant, we share the responsibility of working together in solidarity. This Firm began with friendship and will continue to grow through a commitment to such a bond. The hardship faced by our Houston comrades is an opportunity for the fibers of our familial bond to be woven evermore tightly.”

I am honored be a part of a company that takes care of every member, no matter their location or the scope of their loss. In these difficult weeks after the storm, GPB Capital and Ascendant are committed to helping our partners, employees, and neighbors rebuild their communities and restore their lives. Despite tragedy, and maybe even because of it, we will be stronger than ever, together.