There’s been plenty of talk about how wearables will continue to enhance our lives.  From steps and calories, sleep and diet, the influence of wearables is being felt in our personal lives.  Yet what about the business opportunity and benefits that they offer to us professionally?  Exciting as they may seem for individuals, the business implications of these devices are what’s exciting entrepreneurs.  According to a study by Salesforce Research last year, 79 percent of wearable users agree that wearables are on the track to becoming, if not already, strategic to their company’s future business success.  Such projections reveal that it isn’t as much of a question of “if”, but rather “when” wearable technologies will become more mainstream.  Here are some ways that wearables are revolutionizing business, based off an article I found online:

Intelligent apps: Much of the wearable discussion these days is centered on the devices themselves, while talk of the apps that will inevitably turn them into disruptive powerhouses is still in its earlier stages.  Yet a focus on wearable apps that bring complex business processes to life in visually compelling ways will turn these gadgets into valuable tools for business.  Apps were instrumental in turning smartphones into what they are today.  

Cloud context: Wearables will enable teams to become more connected to the digital world while being more present in the real world.  Convenient as they are, checking your laptop or phone during a meeting is a distraction, while simply glancing at a connected smartwatch or peering through your Google glasses isn’t nearly the same.  The key will be assuring that wearable technology and enterprise wearable applications can leverage business data to highlight the right information when necessary.  

Bring your own wearable: When people fully embrace new connected technology, they want to use it in their personal and professional lives.  Forward-thinking employers recognize an employee’s use of personal technology as a way to increase productivity and efficiency, presenting an amazing opportunity to build business applications that IT organizations can then push down to employees’ devices.  Companies have already started implementing pilot programs for wearables, and are seeing success.