With more than 25 years’ experience, Jeffry Schneider is a leader in the alternative investment community. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of an emerging boutique investment firm. Located in Austin, Texas, the firm takes a unique approach to private equity, working exclusively with mature companies that boast low debt and generate high income.

Under Jeffry’s expert guidance, the firm has experienced great growth and now supports more than 55 employees. Servicing a large number of investment advisors, broker-dealers and family offices, the firm has established itself as a force within the industry. Jeffry believes this success stems from the dedication and camaraderie of the employees and is especially proud of the culture he and his team have created.

the books behind success

To me, the best books are those that teach us something—a new approach to business, the biography of a great leader or a spiritual practice to live by. Books like these have shaped both my professional and personal life in profound ways. If you are on the hunt for a good read, here are a few of my favorites: 1. The Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa …

Strong Father, Strong Daughter

one billion dollar celebration

Following a record quarter raise in April, we crossed the $1 billion mark in funds raised. This landmark achievement is a testament to the rapid growth and dedication of our phenomenal team. To commemorate this milestone, we invited everyone to my home in Austin and celebrated like Texans should: with armadillo races, a petting zoo and arm-wrestling competitions. Check out the highlight reel of the evening’s festivities… …

Jeffry and David in their One Billion Party Celebration

Love Rocks NYC

According to noted psychologist, Abraham Maslow’s famous “hierarchy of needs,” hunger and health are the basic needs that must be met before we can satisfy “higher” needs like belonging, love, or self-actualization. To put it simply, if we are starving or ill, we don’t have the bandwidth for anything more than getting food or getting better. Those who have ever battled a serious illness know this struggle …

Jeffry in Love Rock Concert

discovering eleuthera

I might have a New York accent and an Austin zip code, but my heart will always be in the Caribbean. Face in the sun, butt in the sand and an ice-cold Kalik in hand: this is my paradise. In the West Indies, the perfect beach is not hard to find. From Antigua to Saint Maarten to the Exumas, you’ll find water an impossible shade of blue …

Jeffry in Eluthera

creating culture

All businesses have a particular set of core values. These values are not just hopeful ideals or marketing lip service. True core values are the bones of a business — the groundwork that supports its purpose and the map that directs its growth. Just as a person cannot lie about who they really are to people who know them well, a business cannot hide its core values …

Finger Pointing Left